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We provide a full service moving and storage company. We are thoroughly experienced and expert at all phases of local and long distance moving-from studio apartments to sprawling estates.

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Common themes and questions that arise with our customers are the following.


Is your moving company licensed?

And the answer would be a big, yes! Being licensed shows not only a sign of competency by a company as it has to adhere to strict standards to get the license but it also lets our customers know we are the real deal and not some “cowboy” moving outfit.


Do you work weekends?

We Are Movers do in fact work on weekends and we do everything to try and accommodate our clients with any preferred moving times. We understand that people have different work schedules so it can be a strain to try and get “normal hour” moving times booked. But we work at different hours and special request hours to get that move done for you.


Are your staff members background checked?

All our moving staff has to go through background checks to make sure they are the correct fit to be the face of our company. We keep strict standards and we like our staff to feel pride working for our business. Our uniformed and pleasant staff is the envy of the moving industry and we value every one of our staff members and they will value you equally.


How much will it cost me to move?

This will depend on the size of your place and where you are moving. We move clients not only on a local level but out of state also so we will price out the move on distance sometimes or on the basis of how much stuff you have. The best bet is to call us or fill out our quote page and one of our moving experts will help you with the move and how much it will cost you.

Our recommendation is to call around for a few prices but keep us in mind because we will also try and price match the competition. We recommend that you do pick a licensed mover because you are better protected as opposed to picking a company with no real credentials. If you need some advice then please feel free to talk to us and we will happily oblige in helping you out.